Ross Brawn: A “crossroads” in Schumacher’s Formula One career

The F1 team boss thinks Schumacher has what it takes to stay in F1, but he must put in the effort.


Ross Brawn thinks Mick Schumacher’s Formula One future is at “a crossroads” because there are still questions over whether he will compete in 2023.

With the Haas team, Schumacher debuted on the F1 grid in 2021, but his car was so slow that he frequently battled with member Nikita Mazepin to finish last and last but one. Despite this, he was retained for a second season.

In place of the fired Mazepin, Kevin Magnussen was paired this time, and Schumacher snapped his points drought by finishing eighth in the British Grand Prix. The following race, in Austria, he finished sixth.

His future in Formula One is now questionable due to a terrible beginning for the season that included 2 major collisions in Saudi Arabia and Monaco.

Gunther Steiner, the head of Haas, gave Schumacher’s prospects of returning for a third season a “50-50” rating.

Brawn thinks Schumacher Jr. “deserves” to advance and collaborated with Mick’s father, Michael, when they were at Benetton, Ferrari, and Mercedes.

A “crossroads” in Mick’s career

“Mick has improved enormously this year,” Brawn said when speaking to F1 Insider.

“He has a really good reference in Magnussen as a teammate and he is now at an important crossroads in his career.

“In any case, he deserves to take the next step in his career. And by that he will be measured.”

Haas is considering other contenders for the position, such as Antonio Giovinazzi or perhaps Daniel Ricciardo, but they are not in a hurry to replace Magnussen, who is under a long-term contract.

Michael’s differences

One defining characteristic of Schumacher’s career to far has been his propensity to take 2 years in a championship before demonstrating his true potential.

After being promoted to Formula 2 in 2019, he needed two seasons to earn the European Formula 3 championship, but just one victory—in the sprint race in Hungary.

Schumacher won the F2 championship in 2020, though, and with to his connections to Ferrari, he was given the chance to compete in his first Grand Prix at the start of 21 in Bahrain.

However, Brawn emphasised Schumacher Jr.’s talent while pointing out this distinction from Schumacher Sr.

“He’s different from his father, who was always immediately on the limit. Mick needs a little longer, but in the end he also won the titles in the junior classes,” observed Brawn.

“He is very talented, has 100% inherited his father’s work ethic and is extremely capable of improvement. That is crucial.”

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