April 2023 Roblox Ro Ghoul codes offer free Yen, Masks & RC Cells. Learn how to get them

Ro Ghoul codes in Roblox allow players to unlock various rewards such as free Yen, Masks, and more. These codes can be redeemed to obtain in-game currency and cosmetic items in SushiWalrus’ Ro Ghoul, a popular Roblox game inspired by the renowned anime/manga Tokyo Ghoul. With the holiday season approaching, players can look forward to festive content, new events, and exciting rewards in the game.

Ro Ghoul offers a thrilling free-fighting gameplay experience where the main objective is to complete quests and increase your character’s in-game reputation. As your reputation grows, you will earn more in-game currency. For May 2023, there are several active codes available for players to redeem and enhance their gaming experience.

If you’re interested in exploring other unique Roblox games that offer redeemable codes, we have you covered. Whether you prefer relaxing gameplay or action-packed challenges, there are plenty of options to choose from, such as Bee Swarm, Pet Simulator X, Muscle Legends, Anime Fighter Simulator, and Shindo Life.

Please note that the list of Ro Ghoul codes provided is up to date as of May 3, 2023, with 19 active codes offering rewards like free Yen, RC, and Masks. It’s worth mentioning that a new code to celebrate Ro Ghoul’s fourth anniversary might be released soon, considering the recent game update on April 24. Be sure to check back regularly as we will update the code list weekly to keep you informed.

To redeem Ro Ghoul codes, the process is slightly different from other games on Roblox. Instead of using an in-game menu, you can simply utilize the in-game chat option. Launch the game from the official Ro Ghoul page, press the “/” key on your keyboard to open the in-game chat, copy any code from the list, paste it into the chatbox, and press ‘Enter’ to redeem the code. A speech bubble will confirm the rewards above your character.

Here is a full list of expired Ro Ghoul codes, along with the items they provided. These codes are no longer valid, but it’s interesting to see the range of rewards they offered in the past.

While Ro Ghoul codes don’t directly impact your in-game performance, they allow you to obtain stylish cosmetic items and showcase your high Reputation points. Although they serve an aesthetic purpose and cannot hide a Ghoul’s identity or grant special buffs, collecting these cosmetics can be enjoyable. Additionally, you can trade these items with other players, further enhancing your customization options in the game.

With Ro Ghoul recently reaching 700,000 likes on Roblox, there’s a possibility of new and fancy cosmetics being released to celebrate this milestone. Stay tuned for updates and enjoy the exciting world of Ro Ghoul in Roblox.

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