Best social media moments at Australian Grand Prix

The Australian Grand Prix was an eventful and thrilling weekend, both on and off the track, with plenty of action to keep everyone entertained. To ensure that you don’t miss out on any of the best moments from the weekend, we have rounded up the top social media highlights.

One heartwarming moment was Melbourne native Oscar Piastri’s support from his grandmother, who even provided his McLaren team with baked goods. Kevin Magnussen made a new furry friend in a canine named Snowy from Assistance Dogs Australia, despite a disappointing end to his weekend. Max Verstappen also had some fun on social media, trying on Valtteri Bottas’s infamous mullet.

The Hulk (Nico Hulkenberg) returned to the points, and Haas captured a video of him receiving congratulations from members of the team, including boss Guenther Steiner. George Russell and Lewis Hamilton showed their synchronization skills in a photo, while Esteban Ocon, Pierre Gasly, and reserve driver Jack Doohan had a humorous disagreement about meat-cooking preferences.

Daniel Ricciardo made a brief appearance on Haas’s Twitter feed, delivering a message to his former Renault teammate, and Nyck De Vries’s nickname “Debris” was playfully brought up by AlphaTauri after a part of his engine cover came off during practice. Aston Martin, celebrating three podiums this season, created a song in tribute to driver Fernando Alonso. Finally, Piastri received a warm embrace from his McLaren Team Principal, Andrea Stella, after earning his first Formula 1 points.

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