Demon Slayer hints at a strong new form for one of the Slayers

In the Swordsmith Village Arc of Demon Slayer, fans were treated to an exciting development in the form of a new transformation for one of the Demon Slayers. Episode 5 revealed that Genya Shinazugawa, one of the Slayers who joined the corps at the same time as protagonist Tanjiro, has undergone a significant change. The episode featured a fierce battle between the Slayers and the Upper Four and Five demons who launched an attack on the Swordsmith Village. Genya was among the few Slayers present during the assault and, while he fought valiantly, he was badly injured, having been pierced through the chest by a spear and sustained other injuries.

However, despite his injuries, Genya continued to chant a Buddhist prayer to maintain his focus and keep fighting. While he was absent for most of the episode after sustaining injuries, he reappeared at the end, revealing his new transformation. Genya had pinned one of the manifestations of the Upper Four demon Hantengu against a tree and decapitated it. However, as Tanjiro approached him, Genya turned around suddenly, revealing a face with bulging veins and dark eyes with yellow pupils, leaving viewers wondering whether he had fallen to evil.

Genya’s transformation has left fans with many questions about his allegiance and how he came to possess such an ability. While the transformation definitely appears demonic, it’s important to remember that only Muzan Kibutsuji and Lady Tamayo are able to turn someone into a demon, so it’s unlikely that Genya’s opponents could have done this to him. This has led fans to speculate that whatever has happened to Genya is something that he did to himself, either willingly or not.

It’s also worth noting that Genya is continuing to fight the demons, which suggests that he has not changed sides. This further reinforces the idea that Genya’s transformation is not necessarily an indication of his alignment, but rather a new ability that he has acquired. Moreover, Genya is already an unconventional Demon Slayer, thanks to his use of a sawed-off shotgun, and his brother is the Wind Hashira, which suggests that Genya may have access to techniques that are not common knowledge.

The truth about Genya’s transformation and his motives will only be revealed in the upcoming episodes of Demon Slayer. Fans are eagerly waiting to see how Genya’s new transformation will impact the ongoing battle against the demons and whether he will continue to fight alongside his fellow Demon Slayers. The next episode promises to be an exciting one, as viewers hope to finally uncover the secrets behind Genya’s transformation.

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