The Creation of New Breathing Techniques in Demon Slayer

In the world of Demon Slayer, Breathing Techniques play a crucial role in the swordsmen’s battle against the formidable Demons. While some characters, like Giyu Tomioka, prefer to use more common styles such as Water Breathing, others have created their own unique Techniques. Let’s explore why certain characters opt for more specific and individualized Techniques.

To combat nearly invincible Demons, Demon Slayers need a significant power boost. Total Concentration Breathing, which involves inhaling maximum oxygen in specific patterns, enhances physical and mental abilities. This technique is combined with various forms and styles of combat centered around the use of handheld weapons like katana.

In the Demon Slayer world, there are five primary forms of Breathing Techniques: Water, Flame, Wind, Stone, and Thunder. These main elements originated from Sun Breathing, the original Technique. While the main forms have been passed down through generations, Sun Breathing has been mostly lost except for Tanjiro’s ancestors. Creating a personal Breathing Technique doesn’t guarantee superior strength or skill, as seen in the comparison between Inosuke’s Beast Breathing and Hashira Sanemi’s Wind Breathing. However, Techniques can be interconnected, forming a family tree-like structure, with branches stemming from the main Techniques.

Individual Demon Slayers like Giyu can personalize the main forms by developing their own techniques, as Giyu did with the creation of the 11th form of Water Breathing called Dead Calm. On the other hand, Tanjiro finds Sun Breathing more suitable for him, resulting in his powerful Hinokami Kagura surpassing his Water Breathing forms.

The Hashira, elite Demon Slayers, showcase even more unique Breathing Techniques. Hashira Iguro, known for his affinity for snakes, uses Serpent Breathing, which originated from his initial Water Breathing and evolved to align with his distinctive style. Similarly, Love Hashira Kanroji developed her own Technique derived from Flame Breathing, reflecting her personality and goals. Kanroji’s Technique even requires a different weapon, a whip-like blade, to complement her movements.

Ultimately, Breathing Techniques are a form of self-expression. While Water, Flame, Wind, Thunder, and Stone are considered mainstream Techniques, their popularity doesn’t diminish their lethality. The most powerful Hashira, Himejima, relies on simple Stone Breathing. As long as the Demon Slayers can decapitate Demons, their Breathing Techniques, regardless of their uniqueness, serve their purpose in the fight against evil.

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