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Gintama: The Very Final Review

Gintama: The Very Final brings the Odd Job group back together again like bygone eras, for one last, monstrous fight. It’s a complete disorder as the detestable Utsuro (Adam Gibbs) takes steps to finish everything and everybody. He looks for the last relief from life, settling his interminable soul unequivocally. Gintoki (Michael Daingerfield), Takasugi (Kyle C. Jones), and Katsura (Jocelyne Loewen) should work in pairs to dispense with the danger Utsuro addresses to carry the request to their lives along with the actual universe. In that capacity, this is, as the title suggests, the last (indeed, we truly mean it this time!) finishing for a wonderfully mindful and captivating series. Fortunately, it’s a phenomenal one, and the farewell fans merit as the flippant adventure wraps things up one final time.

Gintama might be one of the most entertaining send-ups of anime and the class in general of all time. Since its initiation, it’s taken the constraints of what anime humor is able to do and extended them far beyond what many could call OK. Shows like Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt and Excel Saga have long held the crown for their unseemly humor, and we can’t fail to remember series like Prison School or Golden Boy, yet Gintama takes things to a higher level, with whole episodes committed to crude, strange jokes and nasty mindfulness saturated in each person. A shtick could undoubtedly go downhill north of 350 episodes, however, all things being equal, you figure out how to cherish frontman Gintoki and the remainder of the team like a useless family.

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