Kimi Raikkonen

Kimi Raikkonen: I might never set foot in an F1 paddock again

Kimi Raikkonen has stated that he has no plans to return to an F1 paddock in the near future because it was “never his life.”

After departing the Formula One paddock for the final time as a driver at last month’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Kimi Raikkonen has confessed that he might never return.

Raikkonen retired from Formula One after a 20-year career, leaving the paddock at Yas Marina hand in hand with wife Minttu and his children.

It was a fitting departure for the Finn, whose steady family life has been beloved by his admirers because to his and Minttu’s social media sharing of their time at home.

Raikkonen, on the other hand, has Formula One firmly in his rearview mirror.

“Only time will tell,” he told Germany’s Bild when asked how much he would miss F1.

“What I already know – driving is the only thing I liked about it! I may never set foot in the paddock again. Formula 1 was never my life. There were always things that were more important to me. Nothing will change about that.

“I didn’t stop because I didn’t have the strength but because I have better things to do than sit on planes and stay in hotels.

“I’m just glad it’s over. Even the fact that I couldn’t finish the last race [in Abu Dhabi] doesn’t matter.”

Raikkonen has stated that he has no plans for the future

Raikkonen’s departure from Formula One implies that, as a still capable driver, he might pursue a less demanding series such as the World Endurance Championship or a career in sportscars, both of which would allow him to satisfy his need for speed without requiring such a large commitment.

Raikkonen, who recently left Formula One to return to Switzerland with his family, isn’t in a hurry to find out what he wants to do next.

“No, and I don’t want to forge any either,” he said when asked about his retirement plans.

“My kids want a dog, but we haven’t decided yet. Maybe it’s enough for them that I will now spend more time at home again!”

When asked what he is most looking forward to in 2022, Raikkonen revealed that his empty diary is currently his greatest source of joy.

“Holidays are holidays again,” he went on to comment.

“Otherwise, we only had the summer break. That was two and a half weeks, in which you had to continue training and always had in the back of your mind that normal madness would come back afterwards.”

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