MotoGPTM attends the Uttar Pradesh Global Investors Conference in India

Carlos Ezpeleta, the Chief Sports Officiator for Dorna, spoke on stage on the future advantages of MotoGPTM.


Carlos Ezpeleta, Chief Sporting Officer of Dorna Sports, has been discussing the advantages of MotoGPTM in India at the Uttar Pradesh Global Investors Summit in advance of the much awaited Indian Grand Prix at the end of September.

“India is a true economic and cultural powerhouse, and with more than 200 million motorcycles on its roads it’s one of the biggest motorcycle markets in the world. We are thrilled MotoGP will be able to come to India, making the sport more accessible than ever to our fanbase across the country,” said Ezpeleta.

The Honourable Minister of Sports, Youth Affairs, and Information & Broadcasting, Mr. Anurag Singh Thakur, also took the stage to emphasize how crucial it is for their nation to host the largest two-wheeled sporting event on earth, not just for the motorcycle industry but also for other fields like sports, tourism, SMESs, and more. Almost 10,000 foreign visitors are anticipated to visit India during the event, and 5000 employment would be generated as a result, having a significant direct impact on the economy.

The Uttar Pradesh Global Investors Summit’s organizers and producer Fairstreet Sports are thanked by MotoGPTM for allowing us to express our joy and for hosting the Indian Grand Prix and taking the sport on an exciting new journey.

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