Quinn ravaged as Queensland Raceways bargain fails.

Tony Quinn has actually been left in the lurch after an offer to take over Queensland Raceway and also Lakeside Park failed at the 11th hour.

A deal was set to be settled at 14:00 AEST on July 1 that would have seen Quinn grab Queensland Raceways from incumbent operator John Tetley.

Nonetheless, that offer has actually failed a week out from the sign-off.

Speaking with Speedcafe.com, Quinn stated Tetley called him the other day to educate him that the offer was off.

” All I can say is I’m f *** ing let down in the whole bargain,” stated Quinn.

” We have actually all worked with it for the last three months. We had pretty much far better than a handshake deal to skilled the bargain next Thursday at 2 o’clock.

” I got a call the other day at 9 o’clock, ‘Nah, I’ve transformed my mind. I don’t want to do it’.

” I’m simply definitely gutted companion.”.

Had Quinn taken control of the facilities, strategies were in place to revitalise the two tracks, which are the closest irreversible centers to Brisbane and the Gold Coastline.

Adjustments to the format were amongst the opportunities for Queensland Raceway, while security upgrades to Lakeside Park and also plans to transform it into the ‘Goodwood of the South’ had begun.

Conversations between Quinn as well as Supercars took place too.

Quinn stated Tetley informed him he ‘d be going through with his very own renovation strategies.

” I really hope that he actually follows up with a refurb strategy due to the fact that for the last decade he hasn’t invested anything on upkeep,” stated Quinn.

” To be truthful mate, the drains pipes, in both of the facilities, are choked up, the stormwater drains.

” The track fills up with water as well as he’s obtained a lot of work to do. Job that you do that you do not even see.

” A lot of that things needs to be done. In the past, he hasn’t done it and also hasn’t had the desire to do it.

” I expect the motorsport community that he really follows through and does boost the center. Otherwise, what a waste of time it’s all been.

” It’s just really unsatisfactory companion. I didn’t go to college long enough to find out sufficient words to define exactly how I feel regarding the entire thing.”.

Discussions in between Quinn and Tetley had actually been recurring for the best part of one decade, the latest negotiations the closest Quinn has come to an offer.

The Scottish-born Australian-based business person retains passions in the sport in your area with bulk possession of Three-way 8 Race Engineering.

Quinn also has Hampton Downs Motorsport Park and also Highlands Motorsport Park in New Zealand as well as is working to get Bruce McLaren Motorsport Park as well.

He also owns meat snack firm Neighborhood Legends, which funds Supercars equip Team Sydney.

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