Schumacher considers his battle with Verstappen to be the highlight of rookie F1 year

Mick Schumacher remembers the Hungarian Grand Prix vividly, when he was able to compete in the points for a short time and go wheel-to-wheel with Max Verstappen.

The Hungarian Grand Prix was one of Mick Schumacher’s favorite races in his rookie Formula One season, notably because of his battle with Max Verstappen.

Several of the typical front-runners were impacted by the first cornee melee, which was sparked by Valtteri Bottas and Lance Stroll both striking other cars.

Schumacher was one of many who benefited from this, and he found himself in the points at one point. The Haas driver also got a chance to go head-to-head with Verstappen, who was trying to claw his way back up the grid after incurring damage on the hectic first lap.

Schumacher finished 12th, which was his highest finish of the year, although he missed out on points in the end.

Best and worst moments of F1 debut

“As a race, I’d definitely prefer Budapest,” Schumacher told when asked about the best moment of his Formula One debut season.

“It was definitely great, being able to battle with Max for a few laps, and being in the points for a few moments was great.”

Schumacher also considered his qualifying for the Turkish Grand Prix to be one of his “best performances,” since he qualified in second place and began the race in 14th place.

Schumacher is hesitant to use the phrase “worst moments of the year” since he believes that every difficult experience has also brought a significant learning opportunity.

“I think that personally, there’s no ‘worse’ [moment],” the German explained.

“I think there’s just a moment where you learn from [it]. If it’s a bad weekend, you’ll take the most out of it and find the positives really.

“On paper, maybe Mexico looks to be not great [having retired on the first lap of the race], but I think, overall, still we learned a chunk, and all that contributes to my development, and hopefully also for my future performance.”

Schumacher will race for Haas again in 2022, alongside teammate Nikita Mazepin, and will also act as Ferrari’s reserve driver.

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