Tokyo Ghoul creator shines in new series, Choujin X

Sui Ishida, the mangaka behind Tokyo Ghoul, is soon releasing the first volume of his new manga series, Choujin X. Fans of Tokyo Ghoul will find the correlations between the two series highly satisfying.

As a follow-up to Tokyo Ghoul, Choujin X naturally invites comparisons from fans hungry for more of Ishida’s storytelling. Interestingly, Ishida seems to encourage these comparisons by incorporating direct correlations and allusions in the upcoming first volume, which includes chapters 1 through 6.

One noticeable connection is the protagonist’s name, Tokio, which bears a resemblance to Tokyo Ghoul. Ishida’s deliberate choice of naming appears to give fans the green light to draw parallels between the two series. It becomes clear that Ishida may have intended these correlations all along, evident in how he has crafted Choujin X.

From the debut chapter of volume one, Ishida draws inspiration from Tokyo Ghoul as Tokio acquires special abilities similar to the super-powered beings in his world. The transformation process is depicted with the same grisly and barbaric tone as Ken Kaneki’s metamorphosis into a human/ghoul hybrid in Tokyo Ghoul. However, there is a distinction: instead of receiving organs from a deceased ghoul like Ken, Tokio willingly injects himself with a serum that grants him choujin superpowers. But the similarities don’t end there.

Towards the end of the first volume, Ishida introduces a character reminiscent of Rize from Tokyo Ghoul. Choujin X’s version of Rize deceives the hero of her world, creating a false sense of security before revealing her true intentions. Unlike Kaneki, Tokio has already obtained his supernatural abilities before encountering her. However, the volume suggests that the consequences of this encounter share similarities with how Rize indirectly influenced Kaneki’s transformation in Tokyo Ghoul.

The first volume also alludes to other iconic relationships from Tokyo Ghoul and explores how Kaneki initially grapples with and embraces his newfound power. Fans of Ishida’s earlier work will be thrilled by these developments, knowing that these connections will further develop in future volumes.

The only potential point of contention for Tokyo Ghoul fans reading Choujin X is Ishida’s adoption of a less realistic artistic style. However, it’s worth noting that Ishida occasionally reverts to his previous illustrative style from Tokyo Ghoul, particularly for impactful or traumatic moments. This strategy enhances these scenes even more in Choujin X. He also employs gothic-like techniques reminiscent of Kaneki’s dark transformations, creating a nightmarish atmosphere. In fact, the grotesque elements in Choujin X surpass anything Ishida previously depicted in Tokyo Ghoul. While Tokyo Ghoul’s kagune and kakuja were highly acclaimed, Ishida found himself limited in how he could portray them. In Choujin X, however, he revels in the diverse and limitless choujin powers of his new world, showcasing his artistic freedom and creativity.

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