Tokyo Ghoul’s creator pays homage to Ken Kaneki in his new manga

Mangaka Sui Ishida has established numerous similarities between Ken Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul and the protagonist Tokio Kurohara in Choujin X, but now their origins have become almost identical.

Both narratives revolve around ordinary individuals who undergo gruesome transformations to become super-powered beings in their respective worlds. In Tokyo Ghoul, Kaneki becomes a human/ghoul hybrid after receiving a ghoul named Rize’s organs through a transplant. In Choujin X, Tokio decides to inject himself with a serum containing choujin powers out of fear of losing his close friend Azuma Higashi, who has already made up his mind to undergo the same injection.

Chapter 33.1 of Choujin X, penned by Tokyo Ghoul creator Sui Ishida, reveals a key component of the choujin serum that Tokio and Azuma injected themselves with. After being captured by the enigmatic antagonist Noh Mask, Tokio encounters a monstrous entity referred to as “the holy mother” and learns that the serum, known as Xember, was derived from her divine blood, making them her kin.

Although little is known about the holy mother since her debut in chapter 14 of Choujin X as “the creature of the tower,” it is unclear if she herself is a choujin. This distinction sets Tokio (and Azuma’s) experience apart from Kaneki, as Kaneki became part ghoul by receiving organs from an actual ghoul through transplantation. Nevertheless, Tokio still undergoes a transformation into a super-powered being through the acquisition of a substance derived from another creature’s body.

However, there is one major distinction between Kaneki and Tokio. As a hybrid, Kaneki possesses unique abilities that differ from those of most ghouls, enabling him to become the One-Eyed Ghoul and serving as a bridge between the two species. Additionally, Kaneki’s struggle arises from the fact that ghouls’ survival contradicts human nature, leading to his suffering. These characteristics do not appear to be inherent in Tokio or Azuma, although they face their own challenges. Tokio, in Choujin X, encounters difficulties in harnessing his powers, while Azuma struggles to control himself in his choujin state. However, as the manga is still in its early stages, Choujin X may further explore their struggles in relation to beast choujin or their connection to “the holy mother” in future chapters. Once revealed, Tokio and Kaneki will become even more similar characters. Currently, their paths to acquiring their powers are closer than ever, further solidifying Choujin X’s connection to Sui Ishida’s beloved Tokyo Ghoul series.

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